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Symbiont is the market-leading smart contracts platform for institutional applications of distributed ledger technology.
To separate the host and symbiont proteins, we used the method from previous studies, such as Karako-Lampert et al.
Rapid spread of a bacterial symbiont in an invasive whitefly is driven by fitness benefits and female bias.
Researchers currently hypothesize that microbes and parasites may play a role in down-regulating the immune system and in the absence of a low grade preoccupation with these symbionts, the immune system becomes overly aggressive and turns up the inflammation response that drives expression of autoimmune illnesses.
When there is an abnormal increase/decrease in temperature and light intensity, these zooxanthellae somehow become inefficient and begin to produce harmful reactive oxygen that damages the cellular structure of its coral symbiont.
We found that this special symbiont indeed seems to play an integral role for coral survival in the world's hottest sea.
The microbial symbionts associated with sponges in the genus Aplysina will also be investigated to examine patterns of cospeciation between host sponges and microbial symbionts.
Lichen are composite symbiont organisms, consisting of a fungus and either an alga or a cyanobacterium.
Parasite and symbiont fauna of Japanese littlenecks, Tapes philippinarum (Adams and Reeve, 1850), in British Columbia.
Studies to characterize the genes required for the biosynthesis of bryostatin 1 in B neritina revealed that the PKS genes required for the production of bryostatin 1 were located not in the bryozoan but rather in a symbiont Endobugula sertula (25).