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Like contemporary tribal art, the rock art of the past features hand prints, horses and riders, tigers, peacocks, geometric symbols, trees, dance scenes and shamans, all of which indicate a common underlying belief and symbolical system.
The study proposes a framework that highlights the cooling, decontamination, reinforcement and defensive symbolical movements, thus constructing a tool for analyzing abandonment, offering possible paths of intervention for organizations that are interested in this issue.
This is a rather dense chapter (maybe somewhat lacking empirical contextualization for non-specialist readers); the approach centers on symbolical analysis.
Saturday Night, April 14, 1805--In looking at Objects of Nature while I am thinking, as at yonder moon dim-glimmering thro' the dewy window-pane, I seem rather to be seeking, as it were asking, a symbolical language for something within me that already and forever exists, than observing any thing new.
Further, methods utilised for assessing students' spatial contextual knowledge, particularly maps, is more often achieved through quizzes where the location or setting of the map or the symbolical representations have little personal meaning for students (Dunn, 2011).
Claiming trivial phenomena "to be windows into a nation's heart" (Landow, 167), Ruskin elaborately interprets them, finally being turned into "elaborate satirical allegories or symbolical grotesques"( Ibid.
The seminar "Afghanistan and future of the region: global cooperation" is very symbolical, since security issues are relevant in light of withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, Parliament Speaker Asilbek Jeenbekov said in his opening remarks at the seminar in Bishkek today.
Manila: President Benigno Aquino will be facing a symbolical trial when the Supreme Court begins a debate on the constitutionality of the release of funds that were saved by line agencies, without congressional approval, on November 19.
Church has been painting a symbolical landscape embodying the stars and stripes.
The meetings of our two presidents were at times of symbolical nature, without much going on at the operative levels.
On Earth Hour people around the world will switch off their lights and power appliances for one hour, the action being a mainly symbolical global call to action to every individual, business and every community throughout the world to save energy and help prevent the deterioration of the global climate.