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Likewise, Pardo's white sailboat is more than a resplendent high-design (adjusted) readymade, it's a tabula rasa on which are inscribed - and through which are symbolically filtered - the discourses to which the artist's series of weekly presentations give rise.
The architects call it a lighthouse, but it is so symbolically only.
Symbolically, as the building rises, its mass is gradually fragmented.
An everyday experience of time folded in on itself, as the day's beginning and end were made to symbolically and gracefully collapse into each other.
The serial gardens are aligned along the length of the parterre, each symbolically associated with colour and one of the senses.
Seemingly emblematic of "the troubles" themselves, the two wall-sized projections that comprised Irish artist Willie Doherty's video installation, The Only Good One Is A Dead One, 1994, were shown, symbolically, at right angles from each other.
Bolivian President Evo Morales takes part in a traditional Andean ceremony in Caracollo yesterday during the unfolding of a huge 200km flag -- called the 'Banderazo' (big flagging) -- linking La Paz with Oruro, to symbolically mark the maritime lawsuit against Chile, which starts next March 19 at the Permanent Court of International Justice in The Hague.