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So, if I have a noisy CAN bus or node, I can now see the physical-layer waveform time correlated with the symbolically decoded message.
UNITED NATIONS/BEIRUT/ SIDON, Lebanon: Babies born in public hospitals across Lebanon Monday received certificates from the United Nations declaring them symbolically to be the 7 billionth person in the world.
For Bennett, punishment is an 'Apology Ritual', in which apparently the symbolically appropriate level of punishment is determined by what the offender 'would be motivated to do spontaneously were she appropriately sorry for her offence' (152).
He added that the actions of the Egyptian regime were "backed by a number of Arab states, as Arabs continue to prove that they only symbolically support the Palestinian cause.
Dancers clashed sticks, waved handkerchiefs and jingled bells, to reflect the themes of death and resurrection as the old year was symbolically killed off to make way for the coming year.
He only symbolically told John, and there is no evidence that John passed this on to anyone else.
Entertainment analyst Dennis McAlpine said that while $50 million is basically a drop in the bucket for Disney, it is symbolically very important for the company.
Some historians believe that it was all part of a ritual by which Powhatan symbolically adopted Smith.
And who now has symbolically become Japan's poster boy for such speculation?
At the end of its brief tour the various landscape elements were replanted in Central Park, so a small piece of Smithson is now physically and symbolically merged forever with Olmsted.
As the regiment's Colonel-in-Chief, she inspected the soldiers, on parade in the castle's quadrangle, then symbolically touched the new colours as they were held aloft.
We would like to see the Rising Sun Flag symbolically on the craft.