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Avant d'etre developpe et complexifie comme on sait dans sa theorie, le concept capital de << symbolique >> ou de << symbolisation >> se fondait a l'origine sur les donnees de l'anthropologie structurale, en particulier sur le fameux texte de Levi-Strauss : << l'efficacite symbolique >> (1949).
In Laban's notation, an abstract level of symbolisation is used and there is nothing left of the icosahedron itself to be seen in the notation--it has to be translated.
Dans chacune, un objet (successivement une poutre, une armoire et un mouchoir) est enkyste d'un secret inavouable qui lui confere une forme de symbolisation physique pour la personne.
Further, this refinement to the readings of the geometrical symbolisation in The Secret Agent should open the door to more sustained considerations of the square as a hitherto undervalued component of the novel's symbolic structure.
The key to the system is the combination of Intergraph's established product suite and new Dynamo modules to support the end-to-end workflow of map production including the delivery of sophisticated features such as terrain modelling and cartographic symbolisation.
Tackling the question of 'whether symbolisation cannot also be in the interest of the victim of violence?
RESUME: Cet article vise a illustrer les concepts psychanalytiques d'appropriation subjective, de symbolisation, de culpabilite primaire et d'entrejeu psychotherapique a travers une vignette clinique.
Instead, he chose, in a powerful symbolisation of his frustration and contempt, to throw his shoes.
In a discussion that owes a debt to the work of Jean Francois Lyotard, Slavoj Zizek and Thomas Weiskel (though the latter is nowhere mentioned in the book), she argues that the violated body at the centre of each bloodscript causes a massive disturbance in the text because, as a sublime object that delivers at least temporary transcendence, it resists symbolisation.
In a sense this symbolisation was a reaction to the removal of the American forces from their occupation of the Olympic site in Yoyogi Park.