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There are weeds growing outside the door, which symbolise the neglect of spiritual values; the closed door symbolises the obstinately shut mind; and the door has no outside handle, because it is the door of the human heart that can only be opened from the inside.
There's lily of the valley which symbolises sweetness and humility, then there are ivy leaves which symbolise marriage.
Dream symbol 2 - "they weren't happy" - symbolises your intuition not to pressure your students too much.
At the end, as I was taught, you slam a book down on the Prayer Desk to symbolise the end.
On the occasion of the ten-year anniversary of the Jumbo Pfandbrief, the impressively large elephant lady Tembo called attention to the significance of the bond market beside the trading of shares, where bull and bear symbolise rising or falling rates.
A dream located in your home symbolises your core self - how you feel about yourself and those close to you.
The unified identity symbolises the company's continued commitment to use skills and technologies from across its businesses to better meet the needs of its customers worldwide.