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The need to expand GIS symbol libraries, coupled with the existence of popular WebGIS-rich applications and an increasing availability of spatial data, leads to an urgent demand for more efficient symbolization methods for vector-based web mapping.
It is necessary for Huayi Brothers to establish symbolizations between star & director brands and the company brand.
In addition, MassGIS has created hundreds of "themes" or symbolizations of these data layers.
The web mapping services create Layer names and Styles that are associated with those symbolizations.
On the other hand, because I believe that the entire historical Jesus question is extremely difficult, though, in theory, not impossible to resolve, I am not sure that this is the right place to hang that particular and very worthy symbolization, that every domination system must be defeated.
Some children find themselves unable to develop this very important symbolization mechanism because their family experiences inhibit it.
But nowadays we are confronted through mass-communication, and the emancipation of autonomous scientific and political worldviews, with very divergent yet continuously interacting symbolizations of human depth and destiny.
For example, in Pearce's map of the 1793 journey of North West Company Clerk John Macdonell (Journey Cake 2005), she uses varying hue symbolizations to convey the emotional geographies of each day (Pearce 2008; Pearce and Hermann 2010); this technique, which is only one of many she employs, works to produce quality of place found in narrative.
The "quest for the ground" allows for the exploration of texts from a range of experiences, since, though symbolizations differ, "they refer to what are recognizable as the same structure of reality" (p.
The result is a map showing the hydrological situation of that time using the same symbolizations that are applied for real-time data.
Accuracy of thematic maps: Implications of choropleth symbolizations.
An important consequence is that no matter what research is done to develop ideal symbolizations, users may select symbol options that cartographers would consider inappropriate.