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The interweaving bands symbolize RI's belief in the power of teamwork and the sharing of knowledge around the world.
Many of the subjects symbolize more than one concept, such as the peach or the dragon, and many subjects represent the same concept, such as the peony and the pomegranate, which both symbolize wealth.
Flickering quietly in the church, these little flames symbolize that our prayers continue, even after we ourselves have left the building.
The piece is inspired by Tibetan mandalas, whose circles within circles symbolize the path to enlightenment.
Three dimensional art is planned to symbolize the trauma of war wounds.
com grow from a three-person start-up in a converted garage into a publicly traded corporation that came to symbolize both the best and the worst of the dot-com era.
To symbolize that, they encouraged protesters to wear masks.
The five holes in the sand dollar shell (only dead sand dollars wash up on beaches, and live sand dollars shouldn't be collected, the author notes in the very back of the book) symbolize the nails and the spear that pierced Jesus Christ, who died for humanity's sins.
The student, who later apologized to the cleric, said he attacked the archbishop because he was offended by his holding of a crucifix, which for some Jews has come to symbolize centuries of Christian persecution.
3) He ended up with a huge and stodgy Baroque palazzo (to symbolize authority) topped by a great glass dome over the chamber (to symbolize modernity and openness).
If a dream has a Harry Potter-esque atmosphere, it can symbolize a journey of self-discovery in which you're exploring your limits, heading down new paths and awakening your full potential.