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Given the conceptual proximity of such leadership roles as symbolizer and visionary, we decided not to conduct factor analyses based on the a priori dimensions but on the whole set of items so we could empirically verify each dimension in the context of other dimensions.
The third factor had nine items and confirmed the symbolizer role and the fourth factor is similar to the ambassador role.
To summarize, visionary, symbolizer, auditor, and ambassador roles were confirmed from the original model.
The fifth factor confirmed the symbolizer role and the sixth factor was labelled self-sacrifice.
In short, mobilizer, ambassador, auditor, visionary, and symbolizer roles were confirmed and three new roles were identified: integrator, incubator, and self-sacrifice.
Similar to the Canadian sample, we conducted a second order factor analysis of the three factors of visionary, symbolizer, and self-sacrifice because of their relationship to charismatic leadership.
In support of hypothesis 1 based on the value/belief theory, we found that four of the roles in the Javidan (1991) model are confirmed in the two samples: visionary, symbolizer, auditor, and ambassador.
And it is the symbolizer, the giver, who first and foremost determines the reality of the symbol.