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New Delhi, Oct 17 (ANI): The festival of Dussehra, which symbolizes the victory of good over evil, is being celebrated through out the country on Sunday.
The war paint symbolizes the strength of youth," said Marston, who remembered that today's Elders were yesterday's children, who were taken away.
Summary: Research International (RI), one of the world's leading marketing research and innovation agencies and a member of the WPP Group, announced a new global re-branding initiative that symbolizes the company's ongoing commitment to partnering with clients on their most challenging innovation efforts.
In the first (right), the splintered top of a weathered wooden post along Oregon's Columbia River symbolizes the industry that gives this area so much of its character.
As mentioned earlier, blue is a color that symbolizes longevity.
To proponents, it symbolizes a vital community service imperiled by racism and neglect.
Nevertheless, according to Bill C-38, the social institution that has always symbolized our society's commitment to the future--our children--will be transformed into an institution that symbolizes our commitment to the present, the needs and desires of adults.
Just thank God for the tree, which symbolizes everlasting life.
The elephant symbolizes the Republican Party and the donkey symbolizes the Democratic Party.
A moat symbolizes the emotional wall that you may be using to shut others out to avoid being hurt.
For the black pioneer, the West symbolizes escape from those "conditions of life" specific to African American existence in the East and the South (segregation, anti-black violence, Jim Crow laws).
The F-16 model symbolizes the use of investment castings to produce full-combat military units.