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Groundbreaking ceremonies for new buildings symbolically consecrate the site, and the act of topping out marks the completion of the superstructure by attaching a sprig of pine to its tallest point, symbolizing rebirth and regeneration.
The display typically includes seven items: sprouts to represent rebirth; a pudding symbolizing new life; apples for health and beauty; lotus fruit for love; garlic representing medicine; berries symbolizing good conquering evil; and vinegar to represent age and patience.
Once officially lit, the torch fulfills its purpose to serve as the beacon of light symbolizing the friendship between the two countries.
5, each new officer was presented with a pot full of seeds for special flowers symbolizing their roles on the Board.
The domed base of the trophy features latitude/longitude lines symbolizing the world and twenty-four karat vermeil stitches symbolizing a baseball.
One is marked Atlantic, the other Pacific - symbolizing the two theaters of the war.
The Sydney games torch is a graceful arc of high tech aluminum and stainless steel with an outer shell symbolizing the Opera House and an inner bright blue layer symbolizing the waters of Sydney Harbour.
2) Foods on the Passover Seder plate are dictated by centuries-old Jewish religious tradition - for example, roasted egg and shank bone symbolizing mourning and sacrifice.
Symbolizing this struggle is The Vernal Equinox, a time of changing seasons where darkness succumbs to light and the earth begins its ascent from the depths of winter.
A black candle, symbolizing the people of Africa, is always lit on the first day.
A series of rectangular walls surround a central, interior temple symbolizing the sacred Mount Meru, the center of the universe and home of the gods, according to Hindus.
Symbolizing one of the themes of Advent - light coming into the world with the birth of Jesus - purple candles placed on pillars will flank the main aisle of the church.