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If x = y, then we observe that M is a symmetric matrix.
R] with respect to a quarter symmetric non metric connection [nabla] and the curvature tensor R with respect to Riemannian connection D in LP-Sasakian manifolds are related as
Ahmad: Second order symmetric duality for nonlinear minimax mixed integer programming problems, Eur.
Because we take in consideration symmetric matrices it also means that [a.
A natural next step is to consider symmetric matrices, which are (at least morally) a q-analogue of involutions, suggesting the possibility of interesting combinatorial results.
That means that dimensions 8 and 24 appear to share the simplicity and elegance of dimension 2, in which a single highly symmetric, tightly locked configuration--the hexagonal packing--is both the best kissing arrangement and the best sphere packing.
Novel conditional relations other than symmetric ones can be explained in similar ways (Boelens, 1994).
First, asymmetric algorithms are slower than symmetric algorithms.
The V-16 IP DSLAM is available with companion Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) that can support both asymmetric and symmetric VDSL service.
If there is a statement saying they are going to a symmetric directive, the reaction may be similar to the one after Greenspan spoke, where people jumped to the conclusion that this means they're either going to move just once or a limited number of times,'' said Henry Willmore, senior economist at Barclays Capital.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Venafi, inventor of systems management for encryption, today announced that Venafi Encryption Manager V (also announced today) will provide symmetric key management, further extending the company's comprehensive approach to managing encryption technologies.