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Clinically, it is characterized by maculopapular, target-like lesions that are symmetrically distributed on the extremities (minor form) or additionally affect one or more mucous membranes and cause epidermal detachment involving less than 10% of total body surface area (major form) (1).
The authors noted that this presentation was unlike typical vitiligo, "which is often bilaterally distributed in an acrofacial pattern, or scattered symmetrically over the entire body with a predilection for extensor surfaces with a relatively early onset in life and a slowly evolving disease course.
In general, even symmetrically dividing microbes do not split into two exactly identical halves.
We will develop a new 3GB LPDDR3 solution based on four 6Gb LPDDR3 DRAM chips by symmetrically stacking two chips on each side, which will boost smartphone performance to the next level by year-end.
Take, for example, Manish's colorful twist on a symmetrically perfect circular bracelet that's typically worn for weddings.
With lipoedema, the legs are symmetrically enlarged from the ankles right up to the hips but the feet and hands are unaffected.
6 inches when measured adjacent to the ends, the body portion having a longitudinal axis dividing the body portion into two symmetrically shaped lateral halves, the body portion having a latitudinal axis dividing the body portion into two symmetrically shaped longitudinal halves, the body portion prior to use having a planar upper surface and a planar lower surface.
In particular, the range of values in the bicurrency basket was expanded symmetrically from RUB6 to RUB7, fixing the new borders at RUB31.
The two symmetrically positioned gripping areas clearly demonstrate the orientation of the product.
2] active areas; the ability to integrate up to four sensors, arrayed symmetrically around the annular backscatter electron detector; and the ability to intermix detectors of different sizes and types in any array.
Work from the head down using light strokes, ensuring that both sides of the body are massaged symmetrically.
Therefore, the price of USD 100/bbl for Brent for 2012 seems logic, which means that current earnings forecasts hold into 2012 for energy stocks as well as domestics (for metals and mining names, the risks to the baseline are more symmetrically distributed).