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The proposed synthesis algorithm for a symmetrically coupled MCML is based on the iteration of calculating modal voltages and changing microstrip conductor widths and spaces between them in order to find such structure of the MCML, for which the amplitudes of modal voltages are equal for every microstrip conductor.
To the extent that lower inflation or price-level targeting would lead to more frequent, longer, or larger drops in the CPI, a new regime might produce large, arbitrary transfers of wealth unless it were accompanied by changes to personal income taxes, transfers, and indexed pensions to make these programs respond symmetrically to price-level changes.
These proceedings of the July 2004 conference reflect the high regard in which contributors held Donin, and include a survey of his research along with such topics as bicrystals and crystal bases, the small quantum group and the Springer resolution, Fourier transforms for Hopf algebras, quantization, basic representations of quantum current algebras in higher genus, Poincare-Birkhoff-Witt expansions of the canonical elliptic differential form, the Drinfeld double for orbifolds, symmetrically factorizable groups and set-theoretical solutions for the pentagon equation, the dynamical reflection equation and Carter-Rieger-Saito movies.
Four symmetrically positioned clamping cylinders combined with external fast-stroke cylinders and a centrally located ejector ensure symmetrical force transmission and fast, even clamping-force clamping units of the HM Series.
To prove that every polynomially localized frame is symmetrically localized, let [?
The mathematical formula y = arctg x describes a hyperbola with near zero initial curve, gradually moving to a period of explosive growth, and moving back to symmetrically reverse near zero curve at the end.
The lower turret is located symmetrically in relation to the center of the spindle, forming a construction resistant to the effects of heat.
I imagined this vast acreage covered in beautifully manicured lawns, symmetrically designed flower beds and a couple of water features, a truly central park, one to rival London's beautiful Green Park perhaps, and a real statement of the capital city's maturity.
Zonal geraniums (Pelargonium hortorum) may be seen with leaves symmetrically marked or streaked with cream, yellow, pink, burgundy or a combination of these colors.
When it finished its post office career, the house was converted into two self-contained houses, but it has now been re-instated into one symmetrically laid-out family home.
75[degrees]), symmetrically wound springs to reduce torsional forces on the steering, higher caster (3.
Floral and celestial elements are arranged symmetrically around a portrait, the focus of the intricate composition.