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Lemma 6 For n = [greater than or equal to] 2 the symmetrized spread of {x/[parallel]x[parallel] : x [member of] [V.
Using the symmetrized form, errors are smaller, since this formula has a higher order of accuracy, as we have seen in Section 2, but a large amount of function evaluations are neccesary.
Pickover himself has shown that symmetrized dot patterns may be useful for detecting and characterizing heart abnormalities from the sounds generated by the heart.
The above symmetrized Maxwell's equations have the duality transformations, i.
i] of vertex i is the set of vertices j that are distance d or less from i in the symmetrized strength graph, excluding i.
In Section 2 we discuss the symmetrized version of the eigenvalue problem (1.
The other one is the symmetrized MAMLI method (SMAMLI) [24].