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If the symmetrized method with the error propagation operator [E.
0067 combined uncertainty of f Symmetrized, and corresponding asymmetric uncertainty component due to h(t) f [+ or -] + - 0.
We estimated the parameters by the CML of the following copulas: Gaussian (GC), Clayton (CC), Plackett (PC), Frank (FC), Gumbel (GUC), rotated Gumbel (RGUC), Student-t (SC), symmetrized Joe-Clayton (SJCC), time-varying Gaussian (GCt), rotated time-varying Gumbel (RGUCt), and time-varying symmetrized Joe-Clayton (SJCCt).
2] \ {0} such that the symmetrized spread of the vectors [u.
Finally, all networks were symmetrized using the following procedure: if there is a connection between one student to another, then it was assumed that for strong ties there is also a connection in the opposite direction.
Symmetrized form For i [not equal to] j , using the equations in the previous section
To be compatible with measures of betweenness centrality, we calculated size on friendship and workflow matrices symmetrized according to the rule that if either member of a pair nominated the other, the pair was considered to have a tie.
Twenty-eight symmetrized principal force constants and seven interaction force constants have been found to reproduce the observed frequencies.
To provide the least restrictive scenario of relationships and to resolve situations where one student claims direct friendship with another that is not recip rocated, the distance matrix was symmetrized using the minimum value for every pair--if a student's report located him or her four steps removed from a particular peer, but that peer was only two steps removed from the student, the pair would receive a score of two.
This tendency disappeared when the samples were selected from symmetrized versions of these populations, as shown in the last four lines of the left column of numerical results (see Appendix B for details on the algorithm to symmetrize the populations).
In computing centrality scores, relationships were symmetrized.
A single binary matrix was created from the two funding matrices (allocation and receiving), one with the transpose of the other, and symmetrized as follows.