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Brief episodes of apnea/hypopnea increase SNS activation by suspending the tonic inhibition of sympathetic outflow by pulmonary stretch receptors (37) and by the stimulation of peripheral and central chemoreceptor (14, 38).
20) Our study results did indicate a decrease in sympathetic outflow at the initial onset of CRPS I as evidenced by increased hand blood flow correlating with an increase in sympathetic stimulation, with decreased blood flow over time.
However, this model does not take into consideration the effect of central sympathetic outflow on skin thermal conductivity.
1984), disinhibitory control of sympathetic outflow (Bullard, 1987), disruption of the autonomic relay system (Boeve et al.
This may be utilised therapeutically to influence sympathetic outflow to regions of the body.
This results in activation of the vagal nucleus and inhibition of neurons of the vasomotor centre, increasing vagal tone to the heart and decreasing sympathetic outflow to the heart and blood vessels.
Its broadly patented "device-guided paced breathing" technology platform, enables a systematic reduction in sympathetic outflow of the autonomous nervous system.
Mental stress (arithmetic) test: This test is based on performing serial subtraction (usually 100 minus 7 or 1000 minus 13), which aims at activating sympathetic outflow.
INTRODUCTION: Exercise using a hand grip dynamometer is a type of isometric exercise where voluntary muscle activity is associated with sympathetic outflow (1) to cardiovascular system to increase the heart rate & blood pressure.

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