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This case study found that passive mobilization combined with patient education to unload the sympathetic trunk are useful to decrease the BLE symptoms in patients having SNS dysfunction with associated lower thoracic hypomobility.
Therefore, we used SG neurons in neck sympathetic trunk but not in heart sympathetic nerves, and we investigated the effect of fluvastatin on ion channel and AP of SG in MI rabbits.
Morphology and development of the cervical part of the sympathetic trunk (pars cervicalis trunci sympathici) in the pig (Sus scrofa L.
4,8) The possible complications of surgery may include the possibility of esophageal perforation, leak, injury to the azygous vein, vagal nerve, or sympathetic trunk, and esophageal stenosis or diverticula, and a risk of recurrence in case of incomplete excision.
The practitioner is able to determine adequate blocking by noting the presence of Horner Syndrome, which intentionally causes temporary damage to the sympathetic trunk (Lipov et al.