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I can quite sympathise with you in your impatience, but I am forced to tell you that the doctor who has been attending you since the moment you were brought into this house has absolutely forbidden anything of the sort.
Dear Miss Briggs [the refugee wrote], the kindest heart in the world, as yours is, will pity and sympathise with me and excuse me.
At first I wished to hurry on, for I longed to console and sympathise with my loved and sorrowing friends; but when I drew near my native town, I slackened my progress.
Sabin said, turning to the Prince, "I sympathise entirely with your feelings at the present moment.
No, Miss Haredale, I have no letter, nor any token of any kind; for while I sympathise with you, and such as you, on whom misfortune so heavy and so undeserved has fallen, I value my life.
For a long, long time, it was his chief delight to travel in the steps of the old man and the child (so far as he could trace them from her last narrative), to halt where they had halted, sympathise where they had suffered, and rejoice where they had been made glad.
And although I cannot, I confess, in principle sympathise with private charity, for it not only fails to eradicate the evil but even promotes it, yet I must admit that I saw your action with pleasure--yes, yes, I like it.
A man who has suffered distress and annoyance as you did yesterday and who yet can sympathise with the misery of others, such a man .
I can sympathise with Ilori as he has struggled with injury since his arrival from Liverpool and hasn't managed to get into firstteam plans, but with the way it's going I highly doubt the move will be made permanent.
SYMPATHISE Those who persist in the belief that alcoholics should just pull themselves together and go on the wagon simply don't understand, let alone sympathise.
From where we stand, we could sympathise with that view.
their protest and sympathise with their plight, however if they want help from the UK then they could at least get our flag correct.