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Right from the off we had pantomime nonsense, with terrorist sympathisers versus murderers of innocent civilians.
The state top security agency also warned the sympathisers they were under constant monitoring and that their movements and contacts were being closely watched, the sources added.
Intelligence agencies have been keeping a close watch on suspicious activities of some ISIS sympathisers within India.
Police also seized four mobile phones and important documents from the sympathisers.
Estimated at 10,000 persons according to security sources and 30,000 according to the organisers, the participants in the rally staged a march to Habib Bourguiba avenue to join thousands of partisans and sympathisers of the Popular Front and citizens who gathered on the main artery of capital centre for the commemoration ceremonies of the 40th day of Chokri Belaid's death.
THE al Qaida group that beheaded an American engineer said sympathisers in the Saudi security forces provided police uniforms and cars used during the victim's kidnapping,according to an Islamic extremist website.
It is believed IRA sympathisers may be hiding him in Britain or Ireland.
The Al Qaeda Sympathisers (AQS) carried out around half a dozen bombing raids in Sana'a and Aden demanding the release of 173 detainees, allegedly linked to the Al Qaeda network.
He said: "We should operate under the assumption that there are still some sympathisers or cells in the United States.
MORE than 100 families have returned to their villages in southern Mexico nearly four years after fleeing paramilitaries who killed 45 rebel sympathisers.
In the Daily Mail survey, 46percent of Tory sympathisers said he would make a good leader, compared with 34percent for nearest rival Michael Portillo.
IRA sympathisers were ordered to stop chanting political slogans as they marched past a Scots wedding yesterday.