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Christians -- Protestants and Catholics alike -- sympathize more with religious leaders, while nonreligious Americans side more solidly with the Obama administration.
Additionally, adults aged 18 to 34 are slightly less likely than those 55 and older to sympathize with the Israelis.
We mourn the loss of precious lives and completely sympathize with Your Excellency and the people of Chile in bearing this enormous national calamity, the Prime Minister said in his message to the Chilean President.
While Cherie can sympathize with her husband - indeed she joked, the nightlong arguments have strengthened their marriage - she wants better services.
I sympathize with them, but what are you going to do?
I sympathize with those who say it shouldn't apply to heterosexual couples because they can get married, but I think that would be discrimination.
It's sad that there were many minors who died in the government's bloody campaign against drugs, but it's only now that the President sympathizes.
Summary: Saudi Arabia said Sunday it would punish anyone who belongs to Hezbollah, sympathizes with it, finances it or harbors its members.
Students might say that because influenza can be a deadly virus, the cartoonist sympathizes with people who are forced to rely on unusual methods to acquire the vaccine.
Foreman understands this yearning for accountability; he sympathizes with a desire for "livable" communities.
Newton, a contractor, said he pays $300 a month for his health-care policy and sympathizes with workers who are facing higher costs.
Dear old Dad, the guy who plays Santa, mows the lawn (or pays the gardener), walks the dog at night and even sympathizes when Mom says no.