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The Sympathizer starts with the fall of Saigon in 1975, depicting the corrupt jockeying for places on the departing planes.
at the hospital, particularly as some Al-Qaeda sympathizers did not expect Al-Qaeda to do such a thing," said Saeed Al-Jamhi, the head of Al-Jamhi Studies and Research Center and an expert on terrorism.
With limited success against Taliban troops, the focus seems to have shifted to capturing or killing Taliban supporters and sympathizers, even if those persons have never carried a weapon.
Yet, there were vociferous protests directed at the Human Relations Commission to rescind the award, amid accusations that my father was an anti-Semite, Muslim zealot, Hamas sympathizer and any other epithet that might discredit him.
retort fired at witch-hunting senator Joseph McCarthy during the Army-McCarthy hearings in 1954 had a very specific context: The red-baiter had named as a Communist sympathizer a young associate of the Army's lead attorney, Joseph Welch, and Welch let him have it.
A neighbor, an Abu Sayyaf sympathizer, jumped over the wall, opened the gate, and then the rebels broke down the front door of the convent.
DETROIT -- Congressman David Bonior's gubernatorial campaign filing last week revealed he has still not returned embarrassing contributions from a terrorist sympathizer.
Unfortunately, Hastert, a Religious Right sympathizer, has also indicated that he makes no distinction between public and private schools.
The laudatory prefaces that open these prints invoke the French monarchy as an exemplary center of a realm in crisis and allude in more cryptic language to the peril of the composer himself, who Rosenstock thinks may have been a Protestant sympathizer.
Was the assassin really a Southern sympathizer or did he have a personal agenda unrelated to the war?
A report was quietly tucked into the suspect's FBI file: "Moynihan was either a communist or a communist sympathizer.
In the episode, King is branded a traitor and terrorist sympathizer for his ``turn-the-other cheek'' philosophy of nonviolence in response to post-Sept.