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The Ankara Chief Prosecutor's Office initiated an investigation into possible irregularities in the Undergraduate Placement Examination (LYS) held in 2014 after a lawyer tweeted the student's exam results, which led to claims that sympathizers of the GE-len movement may have illegally helped the student, who is the grandchild of the scholar GE-len's brother, rank in third place.
A study by the Brookings Institution followed the percentage of Daesh sympathizers out of 11 countries and found that Saudi Arabia topped the list for most Daesh sympathizers on Twitter in 2014.
A man who identified himself as an Al-Qaeda sympathizer, who spoke to the Yemen Times on condition of anonymity, said, "The statement was directed at Al-Qaeda sympathizers, who were shocked by the attack [on civilians], in order to explain that Al-Qaeda does not target [civilians].
Expressing his serious reservation over the arrest of MQM workers and sympathizers in raids by cordoning off different peaceful localities, Hussain said that such a situation was sabotaging MQM's election campaign.
The situation is even more confused because the Pentagon has authorized the killing of "suspected" sympathizers.
First of all, the FBI are notorious for lying and second of all there is actually no empirical evidence that can prove that they were Nazis or Nazi sympathizers," she said.
ISLAMABAD, May 22, 2011 (Frontier Star): Pakistani security agencies are carrying out a sweeping campaign across the country to capture the al-Qaida activists and sympathizers as it faced embarrassment after the U.
Summary: Madrid - Polisario's sympathizers should respect the national sovereignty of Spain, a leader of the Spanish popular party (PP-opposition) said in response to the arrest of several pro-polisario activists, on Thursday in Madrid, for threatening public order within the parliament.
E[sz]"There are more arrests of sympathizers of the People's Mujahedeen of Iran [PMOI] since the beginning of the uprising [in Iran]," the group's spokesman Shahriar Kia toldE[sz]The Daily Star
It also states that one third of Americans sympathized with Israel, whereas 12% appeared more sympathetic towards the Palestinians; however the number of sympathizers with both parties was 51%, a 10% increase from 2002.
An even greater number of sympathizers can be influenced to renounce violence.
Organizers of the protests that swept the country this spring credit the images of millions of immigrants and their sympathizers taking to the street for stalling immigration reform in Congress.