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From its inception until 1997, the Symposium was cosponsored by the Department of Polymer Science at USM and the Southern Society for Coatings Technology (SSCT).
A description of the symposium, identifying specific areas of interest, and, optionally, general symposium format.
29th All India Cell Biology Conference and Symposium on Gene to Genome: Environment and Chemical Interaction.
The symposium focused on educational and vocational guidance and career development from international perspectives.
The symposium opened with Jeff McKeel, retiring president of the DAUAA, recognizing the Capital Area Chapter and DAUAA South Region Chapter for their outstanding professional development work in joint DoD-industry events.
The goals for the symposium were to build on the foundation provided by the September 2003 MLA satellite teleconference, Reading Between the Lines: Focusing on Health Information Literacy--to provide participants with practical tools and skills and to help them identify specific actions they could take in support of clear communication and improving access to resources that are linguistically and culturally appropriate (MLA Net, 2003b).
The theme will also bridge our new relationship with the General Service Administration as they join us for this symposium.
Institute for Business, Financial and Estate Planning Symposium
The Symposium opens with a series of plenary sessions.
In what follows I argue that Shakespeare's presentation of Hal/Henry recalls the Bacchanalian ideal embodied in Alcibiades in Plato's Symposium and elaborated in Plutarch's account of Alcibiades' life.
Focusing more attention on the issue of soft assets seemed like a natural place to tie together a number of ways our current reporting model is not keeping pace," said Wallman, noting that the April symposium would include discussion of such issues as how to value the earning power of soft assets while ensuring the information is both reliable and relevant.
Sponsored by the nonprofit Artists Rights Foundation, Digital Technology Symposium '96 will examine such issues as film preservation, film alteration and the use of "synthetic actors" in cinema.

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