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One of the most significant issues raised by the participants in the symposium concerned the shortage of counselor training programs and professionally trained counseling staff to deliver career services to individuals who need them.
This meeting report provides a summary of key themes that emerged during the conference and the symposium.
SDDC industry partners and contractors were at the symposium in force.
The symposium on "Surface and interface phenomena" included the following technical presentations: "Theory of rubber friction and contact mechanics," B.
Monday, April 29 - Session B Symposium - Failure analysis of elastomer engineering components
At the symposium, we watched transporters learning new Web-based IntelliTrans software that they will use back at their work places to order commercial rail cars and manage their shipments.
Hwang's presentation at the Symposium will be available for 90 days beginning on February 26, 2007 at: http://ir.
When people leave a MTMC Symposium, they know a lot more people.
The symposium will provide an opportunity to focus on the service life aspect of polymer materials and to present the technical work in a more unified and focused manner, as well as to evaluate the current status of this field.
4th ISMI Symposium on Manufacturing Effectiveness, Oct.
The symposium will be held April 9-12, in Dallas, Texas.
Tuesday, October 17 - Session B Symposium - Advances in elastomer composites

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