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While the SF-LDQ has two of four question groups related to reflux symptoms (heartburn and regurgitation) and this may explain the higher SF-LDQ scores among subjects with a predominantly reflux-based symptom complex, the quality-of-life impact measured by SF-NDI was similar for both groups, as with studies in other populations.
She was diagnosed with Meniere's symptom complex and given dietary instructions.
And the conclusion of the Urology Forum, the participants were asked to reflect on all they had learned during the course of the educational sessions and vote on the central question of the conference: "Does overactive bladder (OAB) exist as a separate entity or is it a symptom complex associated with other disease?
Efficacy was assessed with two validated, HAE-specific, patient-reported outcomes: Mean Symptom Complex Severity (MSCS) score (negative score indicates improvement; minimally important difference equals -0.
The symptom complex would, with modifiers, communicate accurately to others the best word picture of the illness.
Cowden's disease: A possible new symptom complex with multiple systemic involvement.
The presentation entitled, "An orally administered ghrelin agonist (TZP-102) decreases the overall severity of symptoms of diabetic gastroparesis (GP): Phase 2 Proof of Concept Study - Preliminary results" will summarize the beneficial effects of TZP-102 on the multi-component gastroparesis symptom complex.
Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome (NMS): NMS, a potentially fatal symptom complex, has been reported with the use of antipsychotic medications, including paliperidone.
If there is an identifiable symptom complex that I would treat pharmacologically in an Axis I disorder, I use a similar strategy for a borderline patient," said Dr.
The entire symptom complex is often present in allergic rhinitis.
The Mean Symptom Complex Severity (MSCS) score provides a point-in-time measure of individual symptoms that accounts for symptom location and severity of the attack using a score from 0 to 3 (0=normal, 3=severe).
Individual symptoms have limited accuracy for diagnosing IBS, and the disorder is considered as a symptom complex.