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The cross-sectional design restricts the interpretation of an association between depressive symptomatology and body image and self-esteem on women with PCOS in the present study.
Predictor variables believed to potentially modify UL activity included time spent in sedentary activity, cognitive impairment, depressive symptomatology, number of comorbidities, cohabitation status, and age.
The objective of the pilot study was to clarify the association between the newer QIDS tool and the industry-standard Beck Depression Inventory revision 2 (BDI-II) and to classify the unique features of cardiovascular inpatients and their depressive symptomatology.
Keywords: ethnicity, spirituality, body image, eating disorder symptomatology, men
Inadequate attention to the heterogeneity inherent in the complexity of human social activity, such as the variations in symptom manifestations, or the reliance on categorical-based assessments to obtain a particular diagnosis by dichotomizing symptomatology as either being present or not (Krueger & Piasecki, 2002) has resulted in a number of important phenomena left largely unexplored.
Three levels of depressive symptomatology (zero to low, medium, and high) will be examined in order to understand the implications of varying levels of depressive symptoms and clinical thresholds.
In patients of the second batch, the objective and subjective symptomatology persisted in one case, was significantly diminished in 9 cases and disappeared in 9 cases;
This cross-sectional study aimed to: (1) assess the prevalence of depressive symptoms in a community sample of illicit stimulant users; (2) determine the association between depressive symptomatology and use of methamphetamine, crack, and powdered cocaine; (3) examine the relationships between depressive symptoms and other drug use behaviors; and (4) explore the potential differences in depressive symptoms as they relate to the place of residence (Arkansas, Kentucky, and Ohio), gender, age, race, employment status, education, and other selected sociodemographic characteristics.
1991), significantly smaller upper torso sizes (Boroughs & Thompson, 2002), report dieting more often (Williamson & Hartley, 1998), more eating disorder symptomatology (Gettelman & Thompson, 1993; Schneider et al.
Their research provided evidence that BA, the behavioral component of CT, was as effective at reducing depressive symptomatology as the full CT intervention, and results were maintained over a two-year follow up (Gortner, Gollan, Dobson, & Jacobson, 1998).
This suggests that any change in depressive symptomatology over time can affect medication adherence and may be clinically important," said Sara Gallagher at the annual meeting of the Society of Behavioral Medicine.