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The insurers brought this case because they believe that the Damages Act is fundamentally flawed in that it ignores overwhelming medical evidence that pleural plaques are symptomless, and the well-established legal principle that compensation is payable only when there is physical harm.
Gray calls potato varieties that are symptomless carriers of PVY "Typhoid Marys.
A 13 year old boy presented to the department of paediatric dentistry in the University Dental School and Hospital, Cork, with an immature molar 37 grossly carious but symptomless (Fig.
Among these, 50 developed a symptomless DVT that was detected by either ultrasound or D-dimer testing and fibrinogen testing.
26,27) Indeed, our preliminary findings indicate that a larger territory of skin is populated by a single clone of KCs in the symptomless skin of a patient with psoriatic lesions elsewhere.
In healthy people, it is often symptomless and causes no harm.
Although the condition can strike otherwise healthy passengers--1 in 10 suffers symptomless DVT, according to a study in the medical journal TheLancet (May 12, 2001)--certain ones are at greater risk.
Both Teresa and her husband, Jim, weren't aware they were each carriers of cystic fibrosis - one in 31 Americans is a symptomless carrier of the defective gene.
Tell-tale signs in women include vaginal discharge, painful periods, cystitis, and discomfort making love - but it can be completely symptomless.
Such a strategy would blunt yellow fever--associated deaths, illnesses, and symptomless viral carriage in the community.
For researchers, the existence of symptomless lesions that come and go, sometimes in rapid bursts, in so many people with MS, has stimulated much new thinking.
When only one side is involved, it is usually symptomless, identified in adults by serendipity.