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Also on show will be the company's latest interface modules for signal processing, including up and down converters, synchronisers, audio embedders and clean routing switches.
Explaining the importance of identification of priorities and the role played by SYNCHRONISER, Ms Katja Legisa, Project Manager of EU projects in India said, "To predict what a country will do in the near future is a big challenge.
AJA Video Systems is now shipping FS2, its new universal frame synchroniser and format converter with two completely independent channels that support virtually any input or output.
VTL produces and distributes synchroniser rings and selector forks for manual gear boxes.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Auto Synchroniser Module For Scada Panel Of Chutak Power Station
Other solutions at CABSAT 2012 will include Flashlink FRS-HD-CHO-ASI, a new ASI changeover switch for protection switching, Flashlink FRS-3G-DUAL, a dual 3G frame synchroniser, Flashlink DA-3GHD-8-D, an 8-port distribution amplifier, Flashlink CleanSW-2x2, a clean switch for disruption-free switching of 3G/HD/SD-SDI and embedded audio, A fully SMPTE-compliant 3G-SDI time division multiplexer/de-multiplexer, 3G-SDI versions of Flashlink up/down/cross converters (UDC-UPC/DWC/CRC-3G), 3G routing and optical routing choices.
The VC100--which was shown at the recent BroadcastAsia2011 show in Singapore--is a universal format converter and frame synchroniser that has been shipped for several years but has taken on additional and exciting 3D capabilities using Teranex's patent-pending technology.