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Here again, the small variance of distribution of the time lags would indicate synchronism.
It's usually about having a very minor premonition or else spotting some weird, very unimportant little synchronism.
The relay provides most of the basic generator protection functions recommended by IEEE Standard P1547 including over/under voltage detection for single or three-phase, over/under frequency detection, synchronism check, reverse phase, as well as reverse power protection.
The Dicksons effuse: "The inconceivable swiftness of the photographic succession and the exquisite synchronism of the phonographic attachment have removed the last trace of automatic action, and the illusion is complete.
The larger autumn fish were probably better able to prey on late stages of macrozooplankton than the summer fish (Merati and Brodeur, 1996; Haegele, 1997; Kamba, 1977), in synchronism with a seasonal difference in their abundance and availability(13) (Bollens et al.
28: Color, Myth and Music: Stanton MacDonald-Wright and Synchronism, LACMA.
When pressurized, the cuff compresses the heart's left and right ventricles in synchronism with the native heartbeat.
The outcome sequence of getting points in the single-response task was identical to those of the two-choice or the five-choice tasks in both the synchronism and the asynchronism groups.
Having put meat on her soul, the woman has now overcome/survived the duplicity and synchronism of her jazz-like life and reshaped or redefined herself through a blues solo.
7,14] However, in cases in which the level of rapport was low, sessions were not characterized by the appearance of this synchronism.
He comments on each narrative separately by giving a key position to the historical roots and also to the internal congruence of the composition, and notes the degree of any credible synchronism of the detail of both actions and objects alike.