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The North Koreans have shown that communism may be anachronistic, but that today's communists are synchronistic.
For example, in a discussion of the synchronistic calendars Stern states that "most scholars agree that the lunar month begins around the time of the new moon," citing Beckwith, Wise, and Talmon and Knohl who support this position.
Synchronistic intelligence reveals a sense of order in the universe where life seems to flow effortlessly and one is in the right place at the right time.
Through the presentation of 3 case studies, synchronistic themes are explored.
She relates a theory oddly synchronistic with your request:
The central character of Proust's work is a sickly, hedonistic, hypochondriacal layabout, who comes to be transported back into a clear recollection of his memories through a synchronistic experience of taste and flavour.
A marine zoologist, he found his way to the Galapagos Islands to be a naturalist guide through a series of synchronistic happenings that made him forever have faith in finding work by pursuing what he loved.
There is something synchronistic about the pairing of Nolte and Schrader - call it their dark, downbeat sides.
7 "In the rise of medieval thought, I mean scholasticism and the synchronistic art developments, undoubtedly the crusades and the discovery of the writings of Aristotle were powerful influences.
At intervals throughout the sequence this narcissistic imperative subverts the linear, diachronic processes of exposition argumentation, and story telling on behalf of a more primal imaginative tendenc that is synchronistic and tautological.
MEDecision and Medem have synchronistic world views focused on the power of providing the right data to the right people at the right time -- a unified effort to improve medical outcomes while reducing overall health care costs.
In 1995 as Bell continued to find himself interacting with an unseen spiritual Force manifesting in symbolic and synchronistic ways, he continued conducting interviews.