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StayinFront Synchronization ensures that up-to-date customer information is available wherever it is needed, regardless of geographical or corporate location.
Volume-by-volume synchronization will provide two points in time in this case, even though individual application data sets may transparently span the volumes.
6,460,051 is the latest addition to Starfish's portfolio of 39 issued and allowed patents, the most claimed by any synchronization solutions provider.
High Reliability - Supports carrier class reliability with full redundant clock cards and power supplies to ensure that the critical synchronization of the network is maintained during equipment failure or reconfiguration.
1SYNC offers a range of data synchronization services that eliminate costly data errors, increase supply chain efficiencies, and promote the advancement of next generation technologies, such as the Electronic Product Code[TM] (EPC).
The Supplier and Retailer Excellence in Data Synchronization Award winners included: The 3M Company, Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages, Colgate-Palmolive, ConAgra Foods, Inc.
The company is the combination of Transora and UCCnet, two Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN)-certified data pools.
The SSU-2000 is an intelligent, fully manageable Synchronization Supply Unit or Timing Signal Generator.
Scripts can be written in VBScript, JavaScript or PerlScript, allowing for quick and efficient customization of synchronization and data transformation.
The workshop will also provide a good foundation for maximizing value from the three information-packed Forum sessions ARC has included in the program for Discrete and Hybrid manufacturers: Enterprise IOp, Digital Manufacturing and Supply Chain Synchronization.
The 1SYNC Solution Partner Program is designed to help companies simplify the implementation process for data synchronization.
Bob Noe, the CEO of 1SYNC said, "Data synchronization not only produces common multi-sector benefits, such as improved order accuracy, reduced mis-shipments, and lower transaction and logistics costs, it also helps industries unlock very specific value.