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But generally speaking, all other things being equal, it's the synchronizers in the lower gears that get more wear and tear.
He is best known for his work on metastability, starting with his pioneering work first published in 1972 that described the behaviour of synchronizer circuits in the MU-5 computers, and continuing through the design of numerous, novel synchronizer circuits, and developing laboratory technique for observing metastable circuit behaviours.
This is just part of the findings from SCRI's Broadcast / Pro Video Time Base Correctors / Frame Synchronizers Report.
The IDT 82P33724 and 82P33741 port synchronizers provide independent timing channels for IEEE 1588 and SyncE; a third independent timing channel is provided for general purpose rate conversion.
Growth in Asian demand and the increasing substitution of automatic transmissions in North America with double-clutch transmissions have produced an increased market for fineblanked products and synchronizers.
To ease shifting and enhance reliability, the Tremec T56 six-speed manual has double-cone synchronizers on third and fourth gears, triple-cone units on second gear, and fifth and sixth gears (0.
com/research/64e851/tbcs__frame_synch) has announced the addition of the "TBCs / Frame Synchronizers - 2010-2011 US Broadcast/Professional Video Product Reports" report to their offering.
Hardware repair are divided according to their type in the following different families - F1: monitors- F2: VCRs- F3: cameras and camcorders-F4: audio / video devices: video matrices, various converters, equalizers, switches, multitranscodeurs generators sync, frame synchronizers, power supplies, chargers, keyers, amplifiers, turrets camera supplies delivering video over IP.
Topics include automatic compilation of data driven circuits, the design of self-timed ring oscillators, adapting synchronizers to the effects of on-chip variability, coping with a transition signaling protocol for global communication, soft errors in asynchronous burst-mode machines.
Now sampling high-performance 1 GbE (Gigabit Ethernet) and 10 GbE timing card and line card synchronizers that meet all Synchronous Ethernet timing requirements
And, since it's likely to be abused at least part of the time, Honda engineers fitted the six-speed with triple-cone synchronizers on the first two gears, and double-cone units on the rest.