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Incoming signals are evaluated, and the hearing system automatically synchronizes the instruments by selecting the microphone mode, as well as the speech and background-noise management settings most appropriate for the dynamic listening environment.
Chapura, a developer of software primarily for handheld computers, announced technology to synchronize a Palm handheld computer with a Microsoft Exchange server.
Tubes is a safe, secure way for college kids to easily connect and synchronize all their digital worlds.
The Atlas Suite from PSS Systems is the first and only enterprise solution to provide a robust and automated legal holds process, the critical map of data custodianship, and an enterprise retention management framework that synchronizes retention across business units and data sources.
Chapura designed PocketMirror Standard XT and PocketMirror Professional XT to synchronize Outlook with the exclusive, extended PIM applications that come with select Palm devices (Treo 650; T|X; Zire 22; LifeDrive; Tungsten T5, T3, E and E2; and Zire 72 and 31).
Simple Technologies introduced BDS GoldNotes(R), a solution made by FrontRange Solutions Technology Partner Business Development Solutions (BDS) that synchronizes GoldMine and Lotus Notes.
Genlock allows the graphics output to synchronize to an external source typically for film and broadcast video applications.
Since KeySuite is designed to synchronize only with Outlook, it better suits the way Outlook works, with additional folders, fields, and categories.
Each of these manufacturers has a shared need to synchronize item master data for their full product range to a number of retailers across a wide geography.
Powered by TechSmith's patent-pending Rich-Recording Technology (RRT), Morae synchronizes real-world actions, such as user speech and facial expressions, with detailed application and computer system data to present user experience professionals with a unique view into the way that desktop software, Web sites, intranets and e-business applications are seen and experienced.
By being the first to connect manufacturers to the GS1 Global Registry, and to synchronize our customers' data with their trading partners, Transora has made a strong statement about our support of reducing the cost of data synchronization and ensuring critical GTIN validation and uniqueness," said Judith Sprieser, Transora's CEO.
Products include dedicated network time servers, time displays and the necessary synchronization, management and monitoring software that synchronizes the time on IT devices such as workstations, servers and routers.