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Playback will be started synchronously on all of the selected ports.
Currently, Lithuania's power system operates synchronously with the IPS/UPS system, joining together the Belarus, Russian, Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian systems.
The Sil-2 image intensifiers are triggered synchronously at high speed and allow the fast framing rates and short exposure times prevalent in recording high-speed technological events.
According to Maxon, the EPOS2's interpolated position mode enables units to synchronously and accurately run a path specified through interpolation points.
Using a network-mirrored block device which employs synchronous data replication transparent to the file system, it leverages this technology with the open-source Linux Heartbeat package to provide businesses with the seamless redundancy of a database server and its applications; all data is synchronously written to both nodes, with automatic failover handled by Linux Heartbeat in a matter of seconds.
The embedded capability to capture GPS and Canbus signals allows multiple parameters to be synchronously tracked with the noise and vibration data.
The fact that we can get these cells to beat synchronously is incredibly encouraging," Taylor says.
UMAC Z scanners can be synchronously adjusted to the best possible measuring position with one adjustment.
The system, which is the first of its kind to be synchronously interconnected to the critical Midtown network grid of Consolidated Edison Company of New York handles 60% of the 450,000 s/f building's electric usage, and 65% of its cooling and heating needs.
Of the 107 women in the cohort who had colorectal cancer, endometrial or ovarian cancer occurred synchronously with colorectal cancer in 3 patients and at different times in 38 patients.
This framework will facilitate development of high detail, high impact visualizations; real-time analysis of processing parameters; and multiple visualizations running synchronously.
There are two ways to replicate data remotely: synchronously and asynchronously.

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