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Playback will be started synchronously on all of the selected ports.
This framework will facilitate development of high detail, high impact visualizations; real-time analysis of processing parameters; and multiple visualizations running synchronously.
There are two ways to replicate data remotely: synchronously and asynchronously.
But I almost never use it because with computer-based communication I can work asynchronously as opposed to synchronously.
Most of these exercises emphasize the contractions of the abdominals and oblique muscles while synchronously relaxing the quadriceps and low-back muscles.
It combines Bosch's continuously operating belt draw-off system with synchronously running cross-seam jaws.
In the first chapter, the authors deal with the history of Palestine and the various peoples or tribal groups that populated the region synchronously since about 10,000 years B.
Previous research showed that cells in the brain are often found in clusters, die synchronously, and neighboring cells are coupled by gap junctions.
Automatic ladle systems have ladle capacities up to 5500 lb and can pour synchronously with continuously moving or indexing mold lines.
In Australia's Great Barrier Reef, some 105 corals in 36 genera spawn synchronously.
Unfortunately, there is a considerable technological gap in the support for collaborative, synchronously communicating mechanical CAD systems.

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