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Synchrony Financial is a consumer financial services company and provider of private label credit cards in the United States.
Today GE intends to accept 671,366,809 of the tendered shares in exchange for the 705,270,833 shares of Synchrony common stock previously owned by GE.
Our consumer banking team is dedicated to offering a superior customer experience, said Sue Davis Gillis, Consumer Banking leader for Synchrony Bank.
The Synchrony pin implant option also features titanium fixation pins proven to secure the placement of the implant for stability.
Combined with a new audio processor that offers advanced technologies available only from MED-EL, the SYNCHRONY Cochlear Implant can give our recipients the best speech and music perception possible today.
The insect got into synchrony quickly, like joining in on a jump-rope team.
The Golden Cross pub, which is involved in Rock Synchrony, being promoted by John Oliver (inset).
Not only does it provide a single location for managing the incoming flow of various customer interactions, Synchrony provides intelligent routing that connects customers to the most appropriate available agent.
Moreover, their gamma-wave readings reflected a lack of synchrony.
The Graph were two vertical bars: one labeled "+" as dys-synchrony and the other labeled "-" as synchrony.
In interviewing and detecting deception, synchrony plays an important role.
The lower number of observations from the Hazelles forest also showed a variation in population density and antibody prevalence in synchrony with the Elan voles.
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