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As a religious system, Cuban santeria absorbs the Regia de Ocha, or cult of the orishas (deities of the ancient Yoruba pantheon syncretized with external affinities to Catholic saints).
As a form of cultural resistance to Catholicism, Afro-Cubans syncretized their deities with the Catholic saints.
Thus a syncretized religion was born, one unknown to the blancs.
For instance, while Candomble' had to be a syncretized religion during times of enslavement, in 1983 in public declarations made to the popular media many of the most powerful maes-de-santos or Iyalorixas (mother of saints or priestesses) noted that Candomble' would no longer be a syncretized religion (Prata, 1983).
He acknowledges this threat but clarifies that "in many cases it may be that various forms of hybridization and creolization emerge in which the meanings of externally originating goods, information and images are reworked, syncretized and blended with existing cultural traditions and forms of life" (117).
In some areas, Islam and Christianity were syncretized with animism.
Breeze witnesses community members cultivating and practicing a syncretized religion whereby the performative and transformative rites of conjuring and Judeo-Christianity merge to promote communal cohesion, ancestral veneration, and a symbiosis between humans and nature that invests greater spiritual authority in individuals than institutions.
co-opted Charles Fourier's socialist theory, constructing theologies that syncretized it with their doctrines: "When Associationists contended that their ideology was a logical outgrowth of contemporary religious beliefs, they were not only accommodating Fourierism to the American Christian scene, but they also were giving new and distinctly socialist meanings to common religious concepts and rhetoric" (41).
From language to music, from kinship styles to religion, from art to dance, from housing to craftsmanship, and from quilts to wood working, these individuals syncretized and creolized everything and maintained remnants of their African heritage.
As Buddhism syncretized with the native Bon religion, an important distinction between Buddhists and Bon practitioners was that Buddhists supposedly understood that the gods, although real in the sense that anything is real, were just mind, without inherent existence.
33) According to Albert Raboteau, Ibeji (in Yoruba), the spirit of twins, is syncretized with the twin saints Cosmas and Damian, and correlations are also found between Ogun, the god of iron and war, and St.
One need only recall that such a combination is also found in the syncretistic stone-cut images at Yazilikaya, where Sarruma, who is often syncretized with the Storm God of Nerik (KUB 21.