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SYNDIC. A term used in the French law, which answers in one sense to our word assignee, when applied to the management of bankrupts' estates; it has also a more extensive meaning; in companies and communities, syndics are they who are chosen to conduct the affairs and attend to the concerns of the body corporate or community; and in that sense the word corresponds to director or manager. Rodman's Notes to Code. de Com. p. 351; Civ. Code of Louis. art. 429; Dict. de Jurisp. art. Syndic.

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And when the Istiqlal Party reiterates that it took to the street without its position having anything to do with the withdrawal of its ministers from the government, and when it calls on its historical ally, the Socialist Union Party, to form a front including the leftist forces, the syndical unions and the components of civil society, the confrontation with the government takes a political dimension.
Using the Syndical event calendar, local chambers on the islands post events to their own website calendar and with one click those events are automatically published to the main WhidbeyCamanoIslands.
On aborde ensuite le phenomene de la rivalite syndicale CSN-FTQ des annees 1960, refletant une concurrence pour l'emploi et une rivalite Montreal-regions, qui aboutit a l'adoption du Bill 290, une formule originale reconnaissant le pluralisme syndical et la negociation sectorielle.
He commended the delegation's visit to the United Kingdom, adding that the meeting was an opportunity to examine the changes that took place in Morocco, notably in terms of women's rights, syndical rights and the rights of Sub-Saharan immigrants, in addition to the Sahara issue.
For Moustafa Ajam, another independent candidate, the elections were a mix of politics and syndical work.
Two months from the change of leader Muratovski, the statutes are changed and the public found out that the goal of the changes were not the reforms in the syndical movement but the battle for power.
La place accordee au monde syndical est un troisieme element qui suscite notre malaise.
The history of miners' unions in Third Republic France thus allows Cohn to explore his hypothesis about frequent striking in periods of syndical unity and schism.
Lors de son discours a l'occasion, Abdellah Bakkali a dresse l'etat des lieux du secteur et les defis auxquels il fait face, notamment la professionnalisation du domaine avec la montee de la presse electronique ainsi que le travail syndical dans certains etablissements.
L'engagement du gouvernement algerien avec le mouvement syndical et le patronat est [beaucoup moins que] tres fort [beaucoup plus grand que], a affirme, hier, a Alger, le directeur general du Bureau international du travail (BIT), Guy Ryder.
The farewell ceremony was attended by scores of religious, political, diplomatic, social, industrial, military and syndical dignitaries, notably former Prime Minister Najib Mikati, National Education Minister Elias Bou Saab representing Change and Reform Bloc Head Michel Aoun, Culture Minister Rony Araiji representing Marada Movement Head MP Sleiman Franjieh, and Army Commander General Jean Qahwaji.
Khartoum, 14 Juillet (SUNA) -La Federation General des Syndicats des Travailleurs du Soudan a presente un cadre de vision pour le role de Mouvement Syndical au Dialogue National.