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More recently syndication has become a bargain against many cable shows and networks, says SNTA president Mitch Burg.
Before arrangement of the syndication, Credit Agricole CIB in China provided a bilateral bridge loan facility in Euro for Xugong Group to settle part of the acquisition price.
Voxant's exclusive focus on online news syndication benefits the entire news ecosystem:
6 million a year for five years--a guaranteed $8 million--to win syndication rights for It's Showtime at the Apollo, beginning with the 2003-2004 season.
Syndication deals negotiated years ago are responsible for ``Seinfeld'' reruns already appearing on broadcast networks across the country.
66, all fees charged by syndicators should be included in determining sales value, except fees for which future services must be performed (which should be recognized at the time they're performed) and syndication fees.