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The effect of milk type on the behavior of syneresis and soluble solids seems to be inversely related to the effect on viscosity.
39] polyacrylamides crosslinked with polyethylenimine proved to have and optimal stability toward syneresis when increasing the molecular weight.
On dilated fundus examination, there was vitreous syneresis, peripheral pigmentary changes, and a weak foveal reflex in both eyes (Figure 5).
The effect produced by imbibition and syneresis on the dimensions of the impression and on the overall detail reproduction on the cast has been studied with varying results.
Keywords: Taro starch, Hydrocolloids, Milk Dessert, Syneresis, Sensory Properties.
The extent of syneresis in all the treatments was not different from control (P>0.
As it is observed in Table 5, the rate of syneresis of low-fat synbiotic yogurt samples during 21 days of storage at 4[degrees]C significantly increased (p<0.
Syneresis is not acceptable as it may affect the texture of yoghurts as a result of the formation of a gel with poor consistency [15, 16].
Arango O, Trujillo AJ, Castillo M (2013) Influence of fat replacement by inulin on rheological properties, kinetics of rennet milk coagulation, and syneresis of milk gels.
Test trials have shown that vegetable and fruit jars with Beneo's baby food rice starch have improved product stability in terms of viscosity, syneresis control and shelf-life.
Nevertheless, high calcium concentrations have been reported to lead to a brittle gel with a tendency towards syneresis and, eventually, structure disintegration due to extensive crystallization (FISZMAN; DURAN, 1989).