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Synergistic Software is the developers of Sage Manufacturing/JobOps Modules for the Sage100 and Sage100c ERP Software.
Frank Leonard, President of Baesis Inc, said, “By partnering with AAI and RKL on the Synergistic acquisition, Baesis now has the opportunity to better serve its manufacturing base in New England.
The maximum synergistic effect was achieved using a PEF treatment of 10 kV per cm for 3000 [micro]s on skim milk that had been supplemented with cinnamon at 5% levels.
The synergistic solvent extraction of the lanthanoids was studied using a traditional and effective means of obtaining both stoichiometric and equilibrium constant information about extraction processes, called "slope analysis".
Hostanox PAR24 triphenyl phosphite secondary antioxidant offered alone or blended with Hostanox 010 and 016 as synergistic combinations of processing stabilization of polyolefins.
These synergistic systems are in the early stages, but the possibilities to the user are potentially great.
Small scale: The ideal synergistic medical group size appears to be between seven and nine members, an observation supported by current concepts of self-directed teams.
CPX-351 (Cytarabine:Daunorubicin) Liposome Injection represents a new approach to developing combinations of drugs in which drug molar ratios with synergistic anti-tumor activity are encapsulated in a drug delivery vehicle in order to maintain the desired ratio following administration.
Cloud based marketing and technology development company and a wholly owned subsidiary of NB Manufacturing Inc (OTCBB:NBMF), Xhibit Interactive LLC, has signed celebrity nutritionist David Allen's company, Synergistic Nutrition Inc, to a client services agreement, the company announced on Tuesday.
Fatty acids are effective in flotation deinking because their carboxylate groups have a special affinity tar calcium, and their interaction promotes synergistic adsorption onto hydrophobic ink particles.
New Findings Published In Nature Biotechnology Provide Evidence That Synergistic Combinations May Be Therapeutically More Selective Than Single Agents --
Balaji Singh, president of Chemical Market Resources, said "This joint development program is a logical and synergistic step for all the partners towards commercialization of metallocene technologies.