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SYNOD. An ecclesiastical assembly.

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Second, the authoritative character of synodal assemblies needs clarification.
The Groupe then turns from the authority of the community to collegial exercises of authority and immediately challenges the Catholic Church to a much more comprehensive implementation of synodal structures.
Gradually the laity, overwhelmingly peasant throughout, comes into focus in respect of its beliefs, practices, and opinions, whereas the clergy, along with the physical fabric, had been the primary concerns of earlier synodal statutes and visitations.
In 1724 a Synodal "Resolution on Monasticism" demanded that academy graduates engaged in ecclesiastical education be at least thirty years old when taking their monastic vows.
In the past, synodal delegates always said that the best part of the synod was the small-group discussions.
The Eucharist, gift of God is the core theme of the post synodal Apostyolic Exhortation Sacramentum Caritatis of Benedict XVI.
21) While there is no doubt that Ineffabilis Deus was a dogmatic pronouncement, it was not, strictly speaking, a papal exercise of infallibility but a synodal exercise of infallibility since the proclamation was made by the pope in synod.
Presbyterians thought pure congregationalism would surrender the program of creating a godly society by basing it on little more than a "covenantal pledge to godly conduct" (43) within independent congregations free of synodal oversight.
to serve as a guide for Synodal institutions, dioceses, monasteries, parishes and other canonical church institutions in their relations with various secular bodies and organizations and the non-church mass media.
In the Russian Orthodox Church, this document was studied by the Synodal Theological Commission from 1994 to 1997.
At one time we entrusted a case for solution that you submitted against the clergy of the people of Rapina concerning the synodal tax to our venerable brother, bishop of Tudertino, and his colleagues.
The full text is especially missed because the standard collection of conciliar canons and synodal statutes--Councils and Synods, by F.