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As will be seen, these exceptions are accounted for by synonymic or hyperonymic gender assignment.
According to Funk and Wagnalls, "status quo" is synonymic with "static," which means "at rest, quiescent, dormant, not active, moving, or changing.
Old World Pilophorini: Description of nine new species with additional synonymic and taxonomic changes (Heteroptera: Miridae: Phylinae).
Synonymic notes on the African Cetoniinae II: genera Anoplocheilus MacLeay and Odontorrhina Burmeister (including Diathermus Kraatz and a new subgenus) (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae).
Not synonymic or antonymic pairs--I'm collecting those as a separate project.
A few dozen such formulas--universal paraphrasing rules--turn out to be more or less (3) sufficient for the description of synonymic paraphrasing in all languages (Zolkovskij and Mel'cuk 1967; Mel'cuk 1974: 149-176, 1988: 77ff.
Both subspecies reproduce parthenogenetically in variable morphs and have been described under numerous synonymic names.
Synonymic, or near synonymic, ostrich transposals are rare: