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Given the synonymity of "Hocus Pocus" and William Vincent it becomes even more clear that Vincent was the author of the work.
2) The synonymity of maleness with reason was also naturally accompanied by an evaluative hierarchy of the mind and body.
Linguistic expressions and their phonetic representation are typically made up of syntax and grammatical rules for generating sequences of linguistic signs, of names, definite descriptions, predicates, quantifiers, demonstratives, pronouns, indexicals, logical connectives, disjunctions, conjunctions, implication, entailment, weak synonymity, and other components, all in the service of the mental projection of portions of a world.
maicropetala and that the name should be resurrected from synonymity under T.
Synonymity is no great help unless we enter into the field of collocations--the most arduous to tackle.
The aspect of the present approach to eventive sequences like (1) that I would like to highlight is that, despite the close synonymity existing between these and standard passives such as (3), the former are existential constructions proper that feature existential be and that respond to the properties of existential constructions generally speaking.
Such a definition not only incorporates the commonsense but implicit use of the term that has underpinned much previous research, but distinguishes individual entrepreneurial intent from other constructs, such as entrepreneurial orientation of desire to be self-employed, which have sometimes been used with explicit and confusing synonymity, even if researchers may have implicitly meant something quite different to individual entrepreneurial intent itself.
dagger]) The taxonomy of the Olympia oyster has been in dispute since Harry (1985) proposed synonymity of Ostrea lurida Carpenter 1864 and Ostrea conchaphila Carpenter 1857.
The next step is a total closure of the gap between this language and the surrounding reality so that "the transition from slogans to events [becomes] almost a matter of synonymity in Stalin's representation of Soviet realia" (Naiman, "Discourse" 299).
On account of their historical continuity and widely accepted literary synonymity, I will be using the terms "sentimental" and "Sensibility" interchangeably.
Chelone mydas of the Arabian Sea with observations on the synonymity of certain genera and classification of the family.
The selection is produced on the base of equivalence, similarity and dissimilarity, synonymity and antonymity, while the combination, the build up of the sequence, is based on contiguity.