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As we shall see shortly, when we discuss the problem of synonymity, writers such as Matthews (1922) and Doob (1990) regard the terms as interchangeable.
The terms CE, perspective taking, theory of mind, and mentalizing all have a strong degree of synonymity (see e.
165) Justice Scalia's dissent reacts to the majority's notion that sexual orientation is broader than the underlying sexual acts involved, maintaining the synonymity of "orientation" and "conduct": "If it is rational to criminalize the conduct, surely it is rational to deny special favor and protection to those with a self-avowed tendency or desire to engage in the conduct.
First, Radner supposed near synonymity between the unity of the church and the truth.
But to equate 'Beings' with 'their living presence' establishes a synonymity that is fundamentally at odds with a distinction made by many Aborigines.
To put it this way is not to deny that the symbols with which meanings are represented may bring their own resonance to words, so that "gay" and "homosexual" may not enjoy perfect synonymity.
In the paper the author uses Frege's notions of sense and synonymity in order to amend the slingshot argument.