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A summary; a brief statement, less than the whole.

A synopsis is a condensation of something—for example, a synopsis of a trial record.


noun abridgment, abstract, brief, compend, compendium, condensation, conspectus, digest, epitome, minute, outline, recapitulation, review, summarium, summary, summation
See also: abridgment, abstract, brief, capsule, compendium, digest, pandect, paraphrase, prospectus, restatement, scenario, summary
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Gopal adds, "If I had to synopsise all of the above into one sentence, it would be that great managers individualise.
Burkhard Varnholt, Chief Investment Officer of Bank Sarasin was in reflective mood when he suggested, "War and Peace is not just the title of Leo Tolstoy's great contribution to world literature, but also synopsises world history in three words.
The 16-page 'Quick Reference Guide' (1) synopsises the recommendations, but not the critiqued supporting evidence, of the full NICE guidance on the diagnosis and management of chronic open angle glaucoma.