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A synthesist might also be interested in ranking other data from the 390-item set - the authors who cite Swanson, their journals, and so on.
Synthesists find connections among things that other people see as having little or no relationship.
in the Concert Hall, MI's Audio Engineering Department presents a seminar by acclaimed synthesist, arranger, programmer, producer and engineer Patrick Gleeson on "Effective Recording: A Musician's View of What Works.
Fast has been the recipient of Keyboard Magazine's annual award for Best Synthesist.
Additional artists include Joe Henry, whose recent album "Scar" has been hailed as a musical milestone; musical synthesist Rosey; and X's John Doe, whose recent release "Dim Stars, Bright Sky" is entirely acoustic.
In recent projects, I've used the WaveFrame systems simultaneously as a musical instrument, a digital mixing console, a disk recorder and a sound effects device," said Rob Arbittier, programmer and synthesist for Stevie Wonder and co-founder of Noisy Neighbors Productions in Los Angeles.
In 1972, he met the innovative German synthesist Klaus Schulze during a trip to Europe, and soon built his own synthesizer and began experimenting with the instrument.
26, 1996--Cabletron Systems (NYSE:CS) today rounded out its Synthesist framework for migrating customers to switched virtual networking with the introduction of an extensive asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) product line.
The most serious problem with compilations of this nature is that synthesists may be tempted to use the data for phylogenetic or macroecological studies of hybridization.
Ian Boddy: One of the UK's most respected independent synthesists having released countless albums through his DIN label.