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The synthesized phytosteryl ferulate had higher antioxidant activity than did ferulic acid and intermediate products in most cases.
Therefore, the reference-signal frequency will be changed in a direction opposite to changes in the synthesized offset frequency.
So far, they've synthesized five of them and have tested how the chemicals affect the ants.
Further, the FFPRI has confirmed that it can capture a lot of male adult Staudinger moths using the synthesized pheromone.
The harmonic distortion for a synthesized 5 kHz sine wave was more than 100 dB below the fundamental.
The NARI group synthesized over 5,000 nucleoside compounds during its tenure and is credited with developing one of the largest libraries of purine/pyrimidine compounds in the world.
Random copolymers, which act as TPEs, are synthesized by a variety of polymerization mechanisms.
Blue Heron's proprietary GeneMaker[R] technology provides customers access to complex synthesized genes that are difficult or impossible to synthesize with other companies' standard processes.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Chemical engineers of Iran's Babol Noshirvani University of Technology synthesized a nanocomposite by using pyrrole monomers, aniline and basic materials which can be utilized in batch purification methods.
Chemists have synthesized a protein fragment that, in test-tube studies, disrupts the formation of the fiber networks suspected to be a cause of Alzheimer's disease.
NIST researchers have made the first spectral measurements of a directly coupled array and found that harmonic distortion was more than 80 dB below the amplitude of synthesized fundamental frequencies of I kHz and 50 kHz.