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Her concise essays synthesize an enormous amount of information, thereby sparing general readers and younger scholars undesirable detail.
By working hand-in-hand with rape crisis centers and counselors as well as dolphin experts, JHF synthesizes all components of the healing process (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental) into one therapeutic experience.
But until now, no one had altered a bacterium so that it could synthesize a 21st amino acid and then incorporate it into proteins along with the standard amino acids.
The team's next project is to synthesize enough of the enzyme to determine its three-dimensional structure, Robb says.
Blue Heron Bio's proprietary GeneMaker gene synthesis platform chemically synthesizes any DNA sequence of any size with perfect accuracy.
Agility Compiler synthesizes a complete hardware system with no artificial limitations on design hierarchy, structure, timing or interfaces.
Bluespec synthesizes SVAs into Verilog 95 RTL, which allows engineers to use verification assertions with their current tools.