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Dr Alex Wodak, an addiction specialist, said people were attracted to synthetic drugs because they were easier to acquire and think they were safe to use, The Guardian reported.
Frequency distributions, means, standard deviations, and rages were used to describe students' background characteristics and overall perceptions of synthetic THC use.
Arbitrarily reprogrammable synthetic cells are a fantastic new tool for illuminating the complex molecular mechanisms that can give rise to simple forms of life.
color) Hollywood Park hopes its new synthetic surface will attract more horses, particularly from the East Coast.
The Penn State study also found low overall microbial populations in the synthetic turf systems.
Jay Keasling and his colleagues at the University of California, Berkeley are applying synthetic biology to fight malaria.
However, an understanding of the tax planning aspects of direct versus synthetic equity, ownership may help avoid disqualified-person status and a nonallocation year.
He hopes to help as many people as possible avoid petrochemical based mass-market cosmetics, which he says often contain carcinogenic ingredients, by offering more natural alternatives that perform up to consumer expectations, even if they contain a few select synthetic components.
He added, "RHAKOSS is specifically designed to offer patients the advantages of a synthetic bone repair product - eliminating the risk of disease transmission associated with the use of cadaver tissue, and offering more consistent levels of purity, quality and availability - while closely mimicking the desired characteristics of human bone.
2001, concludes that synthetic GICs meet Statement 133's definition of a derivative instrument from the perspective of the issuer.
Synthetic paper targets high-priced niches like beverage labels, restaurant menus, drivers' licenses, recipe books, instruction manuals, maps, and book jackets.
But when a traditional GIC issuer, Confederation Life, recently failed and another issuer, Crown Life, was downgraded below investment grade, many plan sponsors decided a better alternative might be the traditional GIC's kissing cousin -- the synthetic GIC, which offers greater safety through better diversification and the potential for higher returns.