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Automotive sector in China is the largest end user industry of synthetic rubber, which is extensively used in manufacturing tyres, treads, fan belts, bumpers and dampers.
Acting Inspector Detective Sam Bliss remarked that the chemical compounds found in the synthetic cannabis can be dangerous since they are not natural alternative to real drugs.
Traditional petroleum products have been relatively inexpensive, making it impossible for synthetic fuels to compete unless they received subsidies from the government.
If off-track and Internet betting was California racing's revolution of the 1990s, and more aggressive drug testing has defined the past few years, synthetic tracks are the new rage for an industry fighting for its sports and gambling niche.
JM Synthetic Grass can be applied to virtually any surface.
For starters, giving up sustainable synthetic nitrogen fertilizer would require sacrificing millions of people to reduce food needs, or sacrificing millions of square miles of wildlife habitat to make more manure.
Drew Endy of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is using synthetic biology for basic science in a different way.
If, however, the shareholder owned 6% through the synthetic equity rules and 24% directly (instead of 30% directly), he or she would be a disqualified shareholder (5% deemed-owned SESOP shares + 6% synthetic equity ownership exceeds the 10% threshold in Temp.
Kaye insists synthetic chemicals do not belong on our bodies or in the environment.
Sprinturf's Hank Julicher says that the Synthetic Turf Council, based in Dalton, GA, the synthetic turf and carpet capital of the world, has done some preliminary findings.
He added, "RHAKOSS is specifically designed to offer patients the advantages of a synthetic bone repair product - eliminating the risk of disease transmission associated with the use of cadaver tissue, and offering more consistent levels of purity, quality and availability - while closely mimicking the desired characteristics of human bone.
NIST will lead a new technical working area in quantitative mass spectroscopy of synthetic polymers recently formed under the auspices of VAMAS, the Versailles Project on Advanced Materials and Standards.