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These events set the stage for investigators like Paul Ehrlich and Christian Gram to discover new applications for synthetic dyes in medicine.
S Synthetic Dye & Pigment Manufacturing Industry report, published annually, contains timely and accurate industry statistics, forecasts and demographics.
While the common advantage of synthetic dyes was the lower price (which is not always the case anymore) the disadvantages are becoming more obvious--and not just for the related health concerns.
Just as many synthetic foodstuffs are poisoning our bodies, so the production of synthetic dyes is often toxic to the environment, whereas most natural dyes do not pollute land or water.
Among the topics are applying lignocellulosic residues in the production of cellulase and hemicellulases from fungi, the regulation of plant cell wall degrading enzymes formation in filamentous fungi, ligninolytic enzymes from white-rot fungi and application in removing synthetic dyes, genetic tools for producing proteins in fungi, and lipases as imperative fat-degrading enzymes.
It has been known for decades that certain food additives, such as petroleum-based synthetic dyes, can have a negative impact on children's behavior, and recent studies have confirmed this link.
Either may be worn and it's thought that the garish appearance of early synthetic dyes might have been the cause of the hunting tartan trend.
Stateside, CSPI petitioned the FDA in 2008 to revoke approvals for all synthetic dyes except Citrus Red 2 and to require warning labels in the interim.
Synthetic dyes can cause a range of neurological disorders & attention deficit and hyperactive disorder among children
Spa amenities have been created by June Jacobs, a spa visionary with 30 years of experience who develops products free of parabens, preservatives, synthetic dyes and sulfates.
The connection to ADHD prompted Britain to phase out synthetic dyes by the end of 2009, and the European Union now requires that products containing certain dyes sport a warning label saying the food "may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.
The company's "Nature's Colors Natural Decorating Colors" contain no corn syrup or synthetic dyes, and are highly recommended for coloring icing in rich jewel tones or soft pastels.