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Shinkong Synthetic Fibers started to tap LCD backlight modules market in 2003, and plans to set up an operating headquarters and R&D center in CTSP, also bringing downstream manufacturers together to form an industrial cluster.
Exports market has become an alternative for domestic market to dispose of the country's products of synthetic fiber.
Nourison and Safavieh are among those suppliers that are starting to import more synthetic fiber collections from China.
Typically, blend yarns are 65-percent synthetic fiber and 35-percent cotton.
Py in synthetic fibers manufacturing in the Southern region
Revenues of Taiwan's Leading Synthetic Fiber Makers in 2010 Company Revenues (NT$B) Annual growth (%) Shinkong Synthetic 25.
Synthetic fiber rugs are 40 to 45 percent of 828's all-import business and most of the synthetic fiber rugs are from Belgium.
Artificial & Synthetic Fiber Manufacturing Industry report, published annually, contains timely and accurate industry statistics, forecasts and demographics.
is the important active players in the glass fiber and specialty synthetic fiber market.
Most of Indonesia's synthetic fiber factories were built in the 1970s marking the development of integrated textile industry in the country.
Homefires combines natural and synthetic fibers in its collection of rag rugs, made with cotton-polyester knit fabrics left over from T-shirt factories.
and 41 other Japanese textile makers, will call on the government to slap antidumping duties on polyester, a typical synthetic fiber used for clothing, and various other products, they said.

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