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To describe her synthetical moment of transformation, Dani used the metaphor of viewing a 3-D movie.
any complex theorem such as belongs to psychology or cosmology, or indeed any synthetical proposition.
It is generally noted in Eliot's contemporaneity that poetic process is at most a process of arithmetical conceptualization which begins in a denied artistry and therefore critical tools will have to be equally synthetical Ezra Pound has noted that
1971) carried out a toxicological study in rats and dogs for the detection of chronic toxicity on application of high doses of a combination product with synthetical D,L-kavain (Hapke et al.
With regard to the eight famous episodes ("miracles") of the life of the Buddha, Kinnard contrasts the scarcity of literary texts with the abundance, at least in the Pala period, of their synthetical figurative presentation.
Blurring art and science: Synthetical moments on the borders.
But the catalogue might have addressed the issue at stake more fully through a more synthetical approach: closer cross-referencing of the data would have clearly shown the intertwining of business and commissions peculiar to Altoviti and revealed the specific pattern of a renaissance banker's patronage.
2) Jose Vasconcelos proposes that the "mixtures" of the Americas will result in "the definitive race, the synthetical race, the integral race, made up of the genius and the blood of all peoples and, for that reason, more capable of true brotherhood and a truly universal vision" (20).
Wiedemann's grammar of 1851 to the standard set of four synthetical tenses (preterite on -i-, perfect on -em, presence, future), to which after the works of T.