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There are two major classes--natural grades derived from brucite mineral, and synthetically precipitated grades.
This element is moved along the line parallel to the face of the synthetically produced broad array.
Finally, the FASB has also discussed synthetic instrument accounting, where derivatives are used in connection with borrowing or lending transactions to modify the structure of a transaction or to synthetically create a single "prototype" financial instrument.
In Block's assessment, "Onions contain the most bizarre and exotic sulfur compounds that have ever been made synthetically or found in nature.
The Motz Group will install their Synthetically Stabilized Turf[R] known as TSII[R] in Sheikh Khalifa Stadium.
Future episodes grasp desperately at plot lines so stock they haven't been seriously used since the `60s or so, and play out so synthetically and formulaically they seem to come from another planet.
To induce this immune response against a woman's own hormone, scientists developing the vaccine anchored a synthetically produced portion of the hCG molecule to diphtheria toxin, a combination capable of inducing strong antibody reaction against both substances.
The deal gains all of its exposure to structured finance assets synthetically, via a credit default swap.
In his column about aging, Rooney said most people are more attractive if they look their age instead of synthetically trying to improve their appearance.
Abacus 2005-CB1 is a synthetic collateralized debt obligation (CDO) created to enter into credit default swaps with Goldman Sachs Capital Markets synthetically referencing portfolio comprised of residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS), commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS), and asset-backed securities (ABS).
Mevinolin is identical to a synthetically produced cholesterol-reducing drug, lovastatin.
DNA vaccines can be synthetically produced, rapidly manufactured in large quantities using standard bacterial fermenters, and stored at room temperature.