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Heimbauer's group presented Panzee with spoken and synthetically distorted versions of 48 words, such as apricot, that the chimp had previously learned to associate with symbols.
3] that we use in our calcium added orange juice is synthetically made.
Cost-competitive to ATH, these synthetically produced products are available in two particle sizes, 4-6 microns (MagShield S) and ~1 micron (MagShield UF), according to the company.
In the preface, the author observes, "Everyone sees what they have learned to see," and adds, This is the conviction that has guided my life's work and in particular, this present book, in which I have tried to focus the artist's attention on the exterior form of the body and reveal, although synthetically, the underlying anatomic structure that determined the visible form.
This treatment is in direct contrast to the conventional allopathic medical approach that uses, in most instances, one synthetically derived hormone to artificially replace a specific hormone deficiency.
2] flakes are synthetically produced using a newly developed web-coating process.
to test synthetically made fuel in military diesel and turbine engine applications.
Supervisory guidance is provided on the risk-based capital treatment for credit derivatives that are used to synthetically replicate collateralized loan obligations (CLOs).
133, synthetically converting a fixed interest rate liability to a floating interest rate using an interest rate swap has totally different accounting than synthetically converting a floating interest rate liability to a fixed interest rate using an interest rate swap.
Their program includes a display of the original text along with the translated text and will synthetically read the translated text aloud.
Magnesium hydroxide is a nontoxic inorganic product (either natural or synthetically precipitated), with low corrosiveness, smoke-suppressant properties, and relatively low cost.
The first swap, with a notional amount of $59 million, will synthetically fix the interest rate related to the district's 2005A COPs.