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More specifically, the consultancy will provide strategic fundraising advice with the objective to ensure that national strategies by National Committees and country offices are aligned with the Plan and have the potential to maximize fundraising targets, fundraising portfolios of markets are diversified and income streams are prioritized according to market conditions, best practices are synthetized, shared and effectively deployed by the countries, and the right level of investments to drive the achievement of income targets is secured.
This FA is derived from butyrate, which is synthetized in the rumen, and it is not dependent on the de novo synthesis to be secreted in the milk (Fox and McSweeney, 1998).
With a proprietary catalyst, RIL researchers have synthetized UHMW-PE that has highly ordered, disentangled molecular morphology (D-UHMWPE).
EDCs include synthetized or natural hormones, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and plasticizers that influence activity of estrogen receptors (ERs) (Henley et al.